March 18th 2016 The Foundry Studio, Aberystwyth University

 A creative collaboration with my sons Gwion (almost 9) and Oscar (10 months).

How does my birth story change when I make my child the co-author,
the co-creator?  How do the stories I tell him, shape him?

I create a listening chamber: a space to hear the layers of narrative, voices, sound and silences. Over the top, into the liveness, I speak two letters: one to my firstborn son on the eve of his 9th birthday, and one to my self.

Going towards him makes it easier to go towards my self.
Stretched between us: a space in which we mingle.

I invite those who join me to witness my act of listening and speaking, as I attempt, once more, to listen anew to speak anew to listen deeper to speak deeper to listen to speak to listen to speak.

Is there ever an end to the listening to the speaking?
How will I know if I’m there?