13th June 2013, The Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth

Image: Jess Rose

Memory has long shadows where no light falls. What persists in the dark?

In an exploration of my experience of giving birth under general anaesthetic, I have been investigating the pause or ‘caesura’ during which my child came into the world. Part of me had to disappear. No memories remain. Yet, I could not have fully disappeared, for there is a persistence of body.

How might we reach the past-absent self?

In this one-to-one performance, each audience member participates by walking the labyrinth, carrying their own thread. When they reach the centre they will encounter the whitened skin of the blind-folded woman. As she listens to and sews each thread to her dress, the caesura is beginning to close.

Through the stitches something is returning. Recovery may be possible.