12th & 13th Sept 2016, Carnegie House, Bridgend

I have landed here in this soft place…

CORD is a Live Art project that explores the relationship that women have with themselves and their birth stories after the birth event. CORD relates to the umbilical cord which is cut at birth, but which remains constant on an energetic level between a mother and child for the child’s life. CORD also relates to the memories that connect a mother with her birth experience- an invisible rope, which she can travel back and forth along.

In this intimate performance a new story begins to unfold.

A mother listens to herself, in the presence others.

A baby is born. Again. Again.

The woman becomes mother. Again.

CORD is a collaboration with designer Francesc Serra-Vila, and the R&D is funded by Arts Council of Wales, and supported by Carnegie House.

For full documentation and details please visit CORD website.