Rehearsals for a Birth Story

March 2015 The Foundry, Aberystwyth University & The Atrium, University of South Wales

I have built a listening chamber so that I might hear myself better. I am attempting to have a conversation with myself. I am rehearsing echoes of my Birth Story, which has yet to come. Perhaps when the speaking voices and the speaking body are amplified I will hear something I haven’t heard before. Maybe this will change everything.

We write our story before it begins.
We write it as we dream it to be.
We write it as we think it should be.
We write believing we can know what will happen.

We write our story before it begins,
And then feel more ready to begin –
To step into what we have already written.
Something known.

The listening chamber is a scenographic construction that uses digital technologies to manipulate sound and image, using principles of interruption, repetition, echo and reverberation. These are combined with live spoken text and physical action in a performance which explores ideas of memory and time/space in relation to the construction of personal narratives.