prayerskin is a creative, generative space for performers to be in your skin through breath, sound, movement and language. In Feminist tradition we might call this l’ecriture feminine or writing/speaking the body.

Through a slow and gentle and practice of attending to ourselves the inner life, the dreams and body prayers are inked, drawn and written on our skin.

Stained skin…

          Tender       soft, easily injured        soft, delicate.

prayerskin events are retreats away from busy towns and cities.

To find out more please get in touch using the contact page.

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Image: Peter Morgan

Tender maintains. Tender tends another, attends to their needs. The small boat attends to the larger boats. The doctor attends to his patients. The mother attends to her children. She attends to their needs.

I attend to my Self.

I attend my Self.

I present myself.

I am present.