Ritual Performance

When I started making performance in 2012 my mentor and wise friend Jill Greenhalgh said “make work about something that haunts you”. This lead me to my enquiry into my experience of childbirth and a process of deep healing. My interest in performance lies in its power to change and transform us. Live performance has radically changed the way I experience my body as well as ruptured my sense of identity in a generative sense time and time again. I use performance as personal ritual and would like to explore how this might work for an audience in the future.

In 2018 I am interviewing a number of other performance makers who use ritual in their work. In particular I am interested in the training and preparation for ritual performance; the experience of altered states of consciousness in the live event; the experience and articulation of the ‘other’ in the live event; the role of the audience in ritual performance and tracing the effects of ritual performance after the live event.